Amphi Festival 2018

Amphi Festival 2018 - Cologne/Köln
by JavaxChaos

WOW. I am so done. Tired. Exhausted. But it was such an amazing festival. The festival blues is gonna hit me so hard tomorrow when I slept enough. (And I really should go to bed now). :)




The Amphi Festivals 2018 was simply amazing. I shared my hotel room with a new friend of mine – Lady Flauschig - who is also an industrial dancer – and is doing now a lot of gigs together with me. We both arrived on Friday pretty late – and pretty exhausted because it was soo hot outside. But after some rest and a couple of strawberry beer we were ready to go to the pre-party. Which was really nice and I met a lot of my friends and fellow dancers there. And I got a huge surprise present from my fans/friends from Italy...:D


We partied until 1 am and had to go then because we had to get up the next morning already at 8:00 am. First thing on Saturday after getting into our outfits was a little photo shooting with a friend and it is really nice to have some good pictures from the outfits before then sun and the heat destroyed us. This Amphi festival was super, super hot and a fan and a water bottle were the most necessary things to keep with you.


Amphi Festival 2018 - Cologne/Köln
Industrial Dance Meeting (by JavaxChoas)

After the photo shot I went to host the Amphi Industrial Dance Meeting together with JavaxChaos and I feel like every year we are more and more people there. It was nice to have all friends and industrial dancers at one spot at least once at the festival. Glutton Trex did the Amphi industrial dance video this year – which I hope will turn out really well since he put a lot of work into filming it. Unfortunately I only had time for a short scene in it.


Amphi Festival 2018 - Cologne/Köln

After the Meeting we went to see our first band – XRX. So a really good start into the festival.


The we went to see the last parts of Kiew and then Centron in the theater stage. The last band I saw that day was Aesthetic Perfection. And then we really need to go to the hotel and rest a bit and have a shower. It was just so hot that day. When I felt better again I went to go out dancing at the after-show party.  


Amphi Festival 2018 - Cologne/Köln
With Synthattack and Lady Flauschig :)

Sunday was our big day – our gig with Synthattack together. A dream coming true. Dancing on stage at the Amphi Festival.  And the gig was simply amazing. The theater stage was full, the people had a lot of fun, where dancing and clapping and having a good time. And that as an opener at the festival. After packing everything we rested a bit in the backstage and talked about the gig and socialist a bit with other bands. Lady Flauschig and me went to see Grendel next – and thanks to the really nice stage manager we were able to see it from the front row.


Amphi Festival 2018 - Cologne/Köln
With it´s Black Friday and friends

The last band I really saw and danced too that day was Agonoize. Unfortunately they weren´t allowed to do their fake blood show, but it was really amazing anyways. During the entire day I saw and met a lot of people, fans and friends so my social battery was really low. So enjoying a good cold honey wine with a group of friends was really relaxing. And we laughed so hard the entire evening. Especially because some of us practically never drink and started to be tipsy really fast. The rest of the evening we spend sitting there and having a good time. My little festival highlight was that I was able to say hi to Freya (It´s Black Friday) again. I didn´t know she would be at the festival this year.


Amphi Festival 2018 - Cologne/Köln
Festival area/ Main Stage

And After the After-Show party I was done. Not able to move. Happy. Tired. Exhausted. Happy.


Nothing felt better the some food and the hotel bed.


This years Amphi Festival gets a 10/10 from me :)



Ciwana Black

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