Wave-Gotik-Treffen (WGT) 2017

Ciwana Black | WGT 207 | Wave-Gotik-Treffen

This WGT was a first again. The first festival with my baby girl together. To make it short - it was a totally different festival feeling, but nevertheless awesome.


The first thing that was really different was the amount of things we had to take with us. Usually it´s a lot, but for this WGT it was too much for us to carry so we had to send some of our luggage with DHL to Leipzig beforehand.

Ciwana Black | WGT 2017 | Wave-Gotik-Treffen | Camping Ground
Our baby girl

Ciwana Black | WGT 2017 | Wave-Gotik-Treffen | Camping Ground
Camping ground

We arrived in Leipzig on Thursday evening. We are really lucky that our camping friends helped us carry our stuff to the camping ground, because otherwise we would have had to walk at least 4 times from the enterence to our camping area and back. Therefore I was actually able to go out dancing in the Agra 4.2 in the evening because I wasn´t completely exhausted from the trip.

Ciwana Black | WGT 2017 | Wave-Gotik-Treffen | Viktorianisches Picknick
At the Victorian Picnic

On Friday the Victorian Picnic was again my main highlight. With a baby everything takes longer, so after I got into my outfit we went directly to the Clara-Zetkin-Park which was around 2 pm. Even so the Picknick starts "officially" at 3 pm there were already a lot of people there. I really enjoy the picnic, you get to see so many great outfits, sit around, eat something and meet friends. And of course there are also a lot of photographers who take pictures.

Ciwana Black | WGT 2017 | Wave-Gotik-Treffen | Heidnisches Dorf | Pagan Village
Heidnisches Dorf / Pagan Village

In the evening we went to the Heidnisches Dorf (Pagan Village), saw Tanzwut and enjoyed some awesome "Baumstriezel" (a sweet bun with different toppings). I didn´t go to any concerts other then that one Friday, because me, my boyfriend and the baby were pretty done already and needed a more quiet evening.

Ciwana Black | WGT 2017 | Wave-Gotik-Treffen | Agra
Meeting my festival acquaintances

On Saturday the day started off beautiful with sunshine. But we knew already that it was supposed to rain later on - so the first thing we did was securing our tent and camping area. Afterwards I got into my outfit and then we went wandering around the agra area and had a look at the shops there. Later on in the evening I had promised a friend/photographer that I would do a shooting with him and another photographer. We went to a really cool old factory and it was a nice shooting.

Luckily my gut feelings told me to go back after about an hour and we just made it into our car until the downpour went off. Back at the festival area I went to see after my family - they were together with pretty much everybody else in the agra food and shopping area. After some french fries I wanted to see Rotersand (playing in the Agra). Unfortunatelly you have to walk around the Agra hall to make it to the enterence for the concert part so that I missed in the first part from Rotersand - because I wanted to wait at least until the rain got a bit less heavy. Afterwards I saw some parts of V2A but then it was my "baby shift" again. :D Me and my boyfriend always switched so that one of us had a bit of baby-off time, but we also did a lot of stuff together as a family.

Ciwana Black | WGT 2017 | Wave-Gotik-Treffen | Agra
Agra after the rain

It rained pretty much the entire night and also the entire Sunday morning - therefore I couldn´t wear the outfit that I wanted to wear and I only put on a bit of makeup. Then we went into the agra to look around for a birthday present for our baby girl. (We found a t-shirt for her that says "I am too old for that shit" - which I find every funny considering the fact she is only 1 now.) Back at the camping area I decided to put in my hairpieces and go with some friends to [X]-RX. This was my favorit gig of the entry WGT - but I didn´t really see much, for example I couldn´t go to Ephinephrin or Centhron. So I guess I can´t really judge.

Ciwana Black | WGT 2017 | F-R-Pixx Photography
System Noire Gig - Photo: F-R-Pixx Photography

And then it was already Monday. Unfortunatelly our baby girl started to teething again - so she was crying a lot and not in a good mood, so that we decided to make it a very relaxed day. But my highlight of this days was the gig I had with System Noire in the Sixtina. And I really loved the venue. The decoration and the feeling inside the Sixtina are very awesome. And it was a lot of fun to dance on stage again. We spent the rest of the day shopping in the Agra and then enjoying the Heidnisches Dorf (Pagan Village), some Treffen Met and one of of the Baumstrietzl.

Ciwana Black | WGT 2017 | Camping Ground
"Kunst am B(r)auzaun" - Art at the hoarding

And today - Tuesday it was the leaving day. So we had to pack our tent and everything again. Take the cap back to the train station and get back home. It was very nice to have a shower and cook again in our own kitchen - but now I am starting to miss the WGT already again.

Ciwana Black | WGT 2017
With Mara Moondust

To sum it up: this WGT was a lot slower, because we had our baby girl with us and could only do so much with her/had to take "shifts". But I am very happy that I was able to go to the WGT, because she is still to small to leave her for so long with her grandmother. But it seemed like she enjoyed her first WGT and she did sleep surprisingly good in the tent. So we will definitly do more festivals with her again. :)


And I feel like I start to understand the WGT better. This festival is not so much about the bands, but more like a big goth "family" meeting. I met so many friends, fellow dancers, models, bands and just random people there. And had with all off them really nice chats.


Last but not least I have to leave a compliment for the festival security. I never in my live experienced much a nice security staff. The are very polite, they greet you in the morning, they remember your face, some off them have been at the same spot for the last 5 WGT festivals and are happy to see you every year again, they help you (like watching your stuff for a short time and such) and if they want to picture with you they ask very kindly.


See you next year again in Leipzig! :)


Ciwana Black


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