Etroplis Festival 2016

E-troplolis Festival 2016 | Ciwana Black
The second stage.

Because I won´t make it to the Amphi Festival this year (my baby will be very small when the festival starts), I decided to go to another festival instead. And my choice was the Etroplis Festival which is organized by the same people as the Amphi Festival.


The Etroplis Festival is a one day, inside Festival in Oberhausen (Germany).


E-troplolis Festival 2016 | Ciwana Black
A snapshot of me and my das Klub calender just before heading out to the festival.

This festival was in many ways new for me, because this is my first pregnancy and therefore I have never been pregnant at a festival before.


Which of course means no alcohol, no smoking (which I never did, but didn´t want to be close to people smoking), not being in a too crowed place and not too much noise.


All things which are pretty much what a festival means/is :)


Well no alcohol was easy, but I did have a fun experience with it.

People were smiling when they saw that I was pregnant, but when I decided to drink an alcohol-FREE beer, I go really hatefull looks.

Which is good on the one side, because you definitly shouldn´t drink when you are pregnant, but on the other hand sad, that they didn´t even think that I would go for the non-alcoholic version....



E-troplolis Festival 2016 | Ciwana Black
Entrance area

Smoke was also not a problem, smoking inside wasn´t allowed but there was a seperate smoking area outside which I could easily avoid.


There were many people in the "Turbinenhalle" (hall), but it was only really crowed infront of the stages. Because I wanted to avoid too loud music, I didn´t have any intentions to go there anyways.


So I enjoyed the music either from the every end of the stage halls or from the neighbouring rooms. Since I normally always use ear plucks when I go to concerts (this time intentionally

not), I knew right away whether the music was ok for the little one or not. :)




E-troplolis Festival 2016 | Ciwana Black
Line up

So this all sounds like a lot to consider, but I really enjoyed going out again and listening to some good music. And the Etroplis Festival was definitly a good place for it.



They had two stages and a pretty good lineup. I didn´t see much of the stage shows, because I was in the side rooms most of the time, but I am pretty sure that it was awesome to be in the middle of the crowd in front of the stages.

I especially enjoyed listening to Front Line Assembly, Assemblage 23 and Hocico.


E-troplolis Festival 2016 | Ciwana Black
Shop/Food area.

Besides the stage halls they had as well a big eating/resting area and some small shops.

Food and drink prices were definitly ok and I was very happy that they had a shop ever there sold a lot of vegan food.


I am pretty sure that you could have a completely different festival experience when you are not pregnant. - With drinks, loud music and a lot of dancing. (I missed dancing a bit). And of course with the after show party which I skiped because I didn´t think that the music would be quiet enough for the baby.  ^^ But I can definitly recommend the Etroplis Festival and I think I will go there again without a little on in my belly to get the full festival experience. :)

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