Industrial Dance Definition

Industrial  dance (ID) is a dance primarily danced to industrial music, EBM, hardstyle, noise, that has roots in the gothics clubs of Europe (Germany) and USA in the late 1990´s, early 2000. The exact date/origin is unknown. Industrial dance videos become popluar online around 2009 (YouTube).


 The main elements of industrial dance include “arm movements”, kicks, spins and "Footwork".  ID  is often improvisational in nature and emphasizes on fast and complex arm-orientated movements combined with hip movements, as well as footwork.

The dance moves are practiced until they can be used intuitive in freestyle. But there are a couple of dance crew that also make choreographies.



There are different styles of industrial:

-         "USA": more leg movement and spinning while the rest of the world uses more arms

-          Hard, "chop-style"

-          Softer, more like belly dance


Industrial Dancer can be found in goth or techno/hardstyle clubs, festivals and online (YouTube).

The main countries in which Industrial Dance can be found are: Germany, Mexico, UK, USA, Russia and other parts of the world.



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I also made a little video about this topic =)

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